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Role of e-commerce in apparel fashion

The concepts of e-commerce and e-marketplace have revolutionised the fashion industry in more than one way. Not only can one shop from the convenience of the home, one can ensure that favoured brands will still find a way into ones wardrobe.

Research has proved that apparel sales on e-commerce portals have soared beyond the expectation while surpassing the sales of all other categories. B2C growth analysis reports from around the world, especially India, have shown that the influence of the Internet in dictating purchases and shaping sales patterns has increased significantly.

In fact, a study concluded that apparel and accessories are among the highest grossing sales categories in northern America, western Europe and developed Asian countries. The global share of online product purchasers, especially in apparel fashion is more in these countries than in other parts of the world. Many a times this figure beats other popular categories such as books and video games. The conclusion that we can draw from these reports is that the apparel fashion industry in countries such as India is seeing a boom due to the presence of online shopping portals.

Popularising regional and traditional garments

In India, e-commerce portals have boosted sales of regional apparel. Right from special variants of ethnic wedding dresses to traditional costumes, the onset of shopping in the digital age has brought Indias handicraft heritage into the limelight.

There are many traditional garments in the country whose sales were originally limited to the geographical area where the weaving community was located. However, nowadays even small and medium enterprises can get an e-commerce portal built and offer their products to a larger audience.

The rise of e-commerce is one of the biggest reasons for traditional and regional apparel becoming trendy. For instance, a Bhagalpuri silk saree was once appreciated by only a select few. However, when it is marketed on an e-commerce portal, a visitor is bound to come across the name, even if it is by accident, thereby increasing the level of awareness among the populace about this kind of saree. Awareness means that there is a potential customer base that can be tapped if needed.

Versatile demographics

Apparel, accessories, jewellery, footwear, books, games, electronics nothing becomes popular until and unless younger men and women are talking about it. It could be boho, it could be elegant, may be couture or simply traditional, but the aim is to generate a buzz within the 15-35 age group. Its important to consider this range because there are many different types of young audiences that can be taken care of by e-commerce portals. There are teenagers who are exploring different kinds of styles and are more open to experimenting with different apparel.

Then come the collegians, the ones who frequent parties, special occasions and social gatherings and therefore always on the lookout for new and inventive or traditional and reinvented clothes. Next, are working men and women who have the maximum amount of purchasing power, especially if theyre flying solo.

Lastly, there are adults — working men and women who are settling into their groove and therefore stocking up the wardrobe, especially with traditional, exotic garments that will help them stand out in the crowd at social gatherings.

Wider target audience

The role that e-commerce plays in popularising apparel fashion cannot be limited to a state or even a countrys borders. One of the biggest contributions of the e-commerce revolution to apparel fashion is that it has brought the world a lot closer and bound it together in yarns and weaves, literally and figuratively.

A garment that was once indigenous to only one country, like Indias sarees, has now become accessible to fashion centres across the globe. Right from Milan and Paris to the glamorous red carpet events in the United States of America, elements of foreign fashion are no longer foreign. Irrespective of whether the apparel falls on the traditional side of the spectrum or modern; the number of takers have increased manifold through e-commerce. While a lot depends on miscellaneous factors on how online marketing works, the fact is that the potential exists.

Grabbing customer attention by offering helpful tips and tricks

Some of the biggest online apparel fashion brands in India use their portals to give styling tips and tricks to visitors including any kind of information that visitors can use to enhance their style. Apparel fashion tips like what top to wear with which lower or footwear and for what occasion, happening styles and types, which apparel goes best with which body type, are just some of the many articles one might find on such websites.

This information acts as a double-edged sword where people buying from the website can figure out how best to use the product or people surfing for new trends and styles can be drawn into becoming purchasers. Either way, there is an intense amount of customer take-back which ensures brand loyalty.

An e-commerce portal is no longer only a platform for craftsmen to sell their products. For the more advanced strategists, e-commerce sites are ideal for spreading useful information. Its absolutely incredible how e-commerce sites can be used to turn visitors into consumers of apparel fashion.


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Must-Have Trends for 2019

As fashion experts set new trends to follow in 2019, get on board with new and refreshing styles to stay ahead of the fashion game this year. From trending kurtas to head-turning lehengas for the wedding season, keep your style a notch up. Take cues from stylists at an online luxury fashion store — Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop – for fresh new picks and ace every appearance.



Suit separates have made a comeback and are a super-hot trend. They have a contemporary look now, without looking stuffy. Luxe suits give you the perfect ultimate girl boss look for the new year. Pair your sharp suits with bold graphic tees for a casual or unexpected look. This will also help you achieve a perfectly balanced outfit and not look outdated.


Shorts have stolen the show this year. Go for tailored, micro or knee-length, whatever you may be comfortable in. Give your skirts a break for the next few months and for your summer go-to, choose loose and uber stylish shorts.


Linen and khadi

Top designers have rediscovered the beauty of our heritage fabrics. Natural fabrics have been catching a lot of eyeballs in the fashion world. Designers now offer dhoti pants, straight pants, kurtas, crop tops, capes, jackets and more done in soft pastel shades and neutrals. Let’s not allow the scorching heat stop us from putting our best foot forward. Make a summer style statement with these light fabrics.


Earthy tones

One of the standout hues of the season is one of the subtlest and most down to earth. Connoisseurs are seemingly inclined towards the camel skin colour to define the summers. Competing for the shoulder to shoulder with coral and sunshine hues, the inviting beige spells

summer sophistication. Head-to-toe is how the style mavens recommend rocking the trend for the summers, often in simple, demure silhouettes rendered in equally soft colours like oatmeal, biscuit, blush and off-white. In basic terms, we are looking at a spectrum of beige, but in fashion terms, that is one of the chicest apparel a girl can wear. This colour palette looks grown-up, sophisticated and expensive, even if you cannot invest in the looks pictured here.

The spicy living coral

We admit we are already stricken by its fancy. Certain to win several glances, the tangy hue can be rocked for every daytime occasion to make a statement. Envision the colour with everything from shimmers to dramatic ruffles as well as romantic monotones.

Bright colours

From bold blues and dark greens to bright yellow, we don’t have to worry about 2019 being a washed out and uninteresting year for fashion. Even the more minimalist outfits and looks now feature deep colours like chocolate brown and auburn reds. Swimwear designers have incorporated a plethora of colours and prints into their latest collection.

Trims & embellishments


It is almost inevitable that there would be Western-inspired trends infiltrating our wardrobes this year. Adorning everything from jackets to pants and skirts, this trend is one of the biggest, made just for that twirl. As an added embellishment, it sure makes a look funky, festive and dramatic.

Sequins and glitter

A favourite party trend this season is sequins. They are clearly having a movement. Stock up some sparkly dresses and party away.


Belt bags

The belt bag has got a sophisticated makeover this season. Belt bags bring class to a hands-free accessory and are great for a night out.

Fancy flats

This helps the most on days you do not want to put in any effort to think about what you are going to wear.  When it comes to shoes, colours and embellishments, pack a huge style punch! You don’t have to opt for high heels to look stylish. Just make sure that footwear, whether flats or heels have a pop of colour or fancy embellishments.

Minimalist jewellery

Much like a great bag or a great pair of shoes, a fantastic piece of jewellery can really make an outfit. Minimalist jewellery, such as a pair of hoops will make your party ensemble glamorous and garner the most views. Crafted jewellery adds more value to a contemporary design style when inspirations come from basic geometric compositions and forms that appear in nature.

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Clothes maketh a man

The common perception seems to be that men pay no attention to their clothes; they might as well dress in the dark as they just throw on a pair of pants and a shirt!! Nothing could be more incorrect. Men take as much trouble over their clothes as women. In fact they can be really fastidious about some things like the crease of their pants, the length of their shirt sleeves, the width of the cuff, the shape of the collar, their belt and socks and shoes to name just a few.

Men have realised that they are also judged by how they look, so it’s best to make the right impression.

Clothes for men has become a big business, it has moved from the men’s tailors to men’s clothing retail chains and boutiques, and now online clothes shopping has made life easy for the busy executive. abof, an online fashion retailer (”all about fashion”) has decided that its target audience ranges between the ages of 18 to 35. This being a discerning age group, the clothes need to be of the latest fashion trend, the fit good, the prices competitive, and the turnaround time between order and delivery as short as possible.

While the quality of the clothes is of paramount importance’ competitive pricing plays a big role in the choice of one’s online retailer. GST’s impact on e-commerce is yet to be seen but that should even out the tax element of variable pricing.

abof and other online retailers have realised that with the paucity of time people rather do one stop shopping than going from shop to shop, site to site; so besides clothes, they also cater to shoes and accessory needs. You find a good selection of footwear, wallets and belts to choose from. Some even offer a selection of jewellery. They have smartened up, and offer style consultants to chat with. These consultants help you create a look, help you mix and match.

Since men today value self-expression and the freedom to make their own identities rather than fit into a mould, rules of fashion are few, though quality and fit and value for value remains the biding principle.

Ethnic Indian men’s clothes have a huge global market. With the vast NRI community overseas the frequency of culture based social events has multiplied. There was a time when people used to buy their Indian clothes when on vacation in India and there were those who used to make a special trip to shop. It was quite difficult to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends. But with online shopping, all these hurdles have been surmounted.

Men’s grooming products seem to be finding favour in the markets; customers are looking for more choices. With people travelling more, their exposure has increased, and they are aware of what is available in other countries. While, thanks to the World Wide Web, the world is their shopping mall, they would still like the products they want available closer home; they don’t want to wait weeks or even days while the goods are in transit, online shopping to the rescue!

All in all online retail and men’s fashion make a good fit.

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